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Cashmere Care Products and Fabric Care

Are you worried about how to keep your cashmere clean, soft and beautiful? You can trust Adeela Salehjee’s cashmere care products to keep your cashmere cosy for years to come. As a knitwear specialist with over a decade of experience, Adeela understands that your luxury essentials are important to you. She is committed to helping you access quality cashmere care products.  

We offer a variety of cashmere care products that are effective yet gentle on your fabrics and environmentally friendly. Our drawer sachets will give your cashmere a delicious aroma while ensuring protection from moths. Our sachets were handmade by a specialist perfumer in England who uses naturally-sourced essential oils, including lavender, cedarwood, patchouli, palmarosa, ho wood, and geranium. Remove lint and piling from any garment with The Plio Fabric Shaver, which is twice as powerful as any on the market. Adeela has also created an incredible natural fabric spray with various scents available.

Adeela Salehjee’s specialized cashmere care products will make your cashmere last. 

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