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Get Natural drawer sachets with Essential Oils : Sold in packs of 3

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Our drawer sachet has been specially formulated with a considered mix of natural ingredients. Combining Lavender, Cedarwood, patchouli, Palmarosa, Ho Wood & Geranium.
Each scent is selected with consideration to its special properties in helping to keep your wardrobe fresh and free from moths.

All our ingredients come from natural sources, handmade by a specialist perfumier in England.

Each sachet lasts 6 months keeping your cupboard smelling fresh in the summer with spicy & warmer notes as we transition into winter.

Directions for use:

Place 1-2 on every shelf in the wardrobe and 1-2 in every drawer and don’t forget to replace every 6 months. The female moth hates strong smells and avoids highly scented areas. The key to a moth-free wardrobe is to keep it clean and be consistent.